Practical details

  • Cloakrooms

    For your comfort, free cloakrooms are available to you on each floor for you to leave your coats. The submission in our cloakrooms of bags and umbrellas is compulsory. The cloakrooms located in the entrance hall and up to the 2nd floor are manned by reception staff. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, there are lockers which can be locked by inserting 1 euro (which is returned when you open to retrieve your belongings).

  • What should I wear?

    There is no specific dress code, but elegant casual wear is perfectly appropriate.

  • How long before the start of the performance should I arrive?

    For your comfort, we advise you to arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start of the performance to collect your tickets, if you have not already done so. Also, this will enable you to attend the free introduction to the performance.

  • Is it possible to hire binoculars?

    Binoculars are not available for hire, but you may bring your own with you.

  • Is access to numbered seats guaranteed?

    In respect of the audience and the artists, access to numbered seats is only guaranteed until the curtain is raised. No refunds or exchanges shall be accepted in case of late arrival.

  • How long does the performance last for?

    Each performance is different: we specify the estimated length of each performance on the devoted page on our web site. The length of each performance is displayed on the day of the performance in the entrance hall and the ticket office.

  • Is there an interval?

    Opera performances generally include an interval. However, it is preferable to check with the ticket office one week before the start of performances.

  • In what language is the performance sung?

    Each performance is different. We specify the language in which each performance is sung on the devoted page on our web site. Furthermore, each performance is sub-titled in French, Dutch, German and English.

  • From what age can I bring my children to the performance?

    That depends on the nature of the performance. With regard to opera performances it is difficult to imagine a child younger than 6 years old attending a performance. We recommend that you check with the ticket office for each performance, bearing in mind that we put on several performances destined for young audiences each season.

  • Do the performances start at the indicated time?

    The performances always start at the indicated time. Late starts are very rare. If you arrive late, you may only access your seat at the interval.

  • How long before a performance do the doors open?

    The entrance hall of the Theatre opens two hours before the performance and the concert hall is accessible half an hour before the performance.

  • I have lost my ticket. Can I get a duplicate?

    Any spectator who loses his or her ticket can obtain a duplicate from the ticket office for a surcharge of € 1.50.

  • Super-titling

    For its spectators, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège provides a super-titling system in French, Dutch, German and English for each of the operas performed.

    The super-titling is present on 7 screens spread over the different levels of the concert hall for optimal visibility for all seat categories.

  • I have lost my subscription. Can I obtain a duplicate?

    Any spectator who loses his or her subscription can obtain a duplicate from the ticket office for a surcharge of € 5.

  • A better seat is available, can I sit on it ?

    For practical reasons, in particular last minute arrivals, we ask our spectators to respect the seat numbering mentioned on their tickets. This helps to avoid confusion and guarantees the serenity of all spectators.

  • Catering

    For a meal or a drink during an opera or a concert

    Whether you want a drink or a meal (by booking only), the Opera Restaurant, located in the prestigious setting of the Foyer Grétry, welcomes you before each performance when the Theatre’s doors open.

    The theatre doors open two hours before the performance, except for “Discovery concerts” (Summer Concert: 1 hour before / Fridays at the Opera: ½ an hour before) and the concert hall doors open ½ an hour before the performance.

    For performances for young people, the general public and for “discovery concerts” (except the Fridays at the Opera), the Foyer Grétry bar opens one hour before and at the end of each performance (for Fridays at the Opera: the foyer Grétry opens ½ an hour before and ½ an hour after the concert).

    For information and bookings: +32 (0) 499/42 42 62 – info@leschefsopera.be – www.leschefsopera.be

    Drink tokens

    Drink tokens are on sale as soon as the doors of the Theatre open on performance days (in the entrance hall and the main stairs) or during the interval (in the Foyer Grétry).

    Simple token : 1, 40 € (softs : 2 tokens / wines : 3 tokens)

    Champagne token : 9 €

    For reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, it is forbidden to bring drinks and snacks into the building.


  • Can I obtain a refund if I am unable to go to the performance?

    Under no circumstances are refunds made for places sold.

  • Can I film or take photos during the performance?

    We would be grateful if you could turn off your mobile phone during the performance and we would like to remind you that it is forbidden to film, take photos or record during the performance.

  • More information about the show

    All opera performances are preceded by an introduction to the show, open to all and free of charge, 30 minutes before the performance, at the Salon Rossini (+3).

    A program (free) is also at your disposal every show night by the reception staff.

    Also find the teaching guide of each show on our website and more information about our productions via social networks.

  • Can I change the date if I am unable to come to the performance?

    Any spectator who has a ticket and wants to change the date of the initially chosen performance may choose another date for the same show for a surcharge of € 3 (or free for spectators with a Classique subscription), on the condition that the change is made 5 days before the initially chosen performance. They will be given another place in the same category subject to availability of places in this same category.

  • If I am late, what should I do ?

    The doors of the concert hall are shut at the start of the performance. In order to respect the comfort of other spectators and artists, late arrivals shall be seated by the personnel in accordance with the remaining places in the concert hall.

    The places mentioned on the tickets will be accessible at the interval.

    No ticket refunds or exchanges shall be made in case of late arrival.

  • Shop Opéra

    You want to prolong the pleasure of the performance or simply keep a souvenir of what you saw ?

    Our partner store “Visé Musique” is open before each opera or concert performance on Fri., Sat. and Sun. in the entrance hall and during the interval in front of the Foyer Grétry (2nd floor). CDs, DVDs and books about the performance on show are on sale.

    Various articles (gift vouchers, DVD, CD, Goodies, etc.) are also on sale at the ticket office.

  • I have a ticket for a production but, at the end of the day, I would prefer to go to a different one. Can I exchange my ticket ?

    You cannot change the show of your choosing, but nevertheless you can change the date of the performance for a surcharge of € 3.

  • Can I smoke at the Opera?

    It is forbidden to smoke or vapote in the whole building as well as in the peristyle.

  • The person accompanying me is likely to arrive late; what should I do with his/her ticket?

    Leave this person’s ticket at the reception desk with his/her surname and first name and we will pass on the ticket when he/she arrive.

  • Is it possible to leave the concert hall during the performance?

    Out of respect for the artists and the audience, it is not possible to leave the concert hall during the performance, except in the case of an emergency. In the case of an emergency, please contact one of our ushers in the concert hall.